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Become a Car REP Now

Face it, gas is at an all time high, toll rates are out of control and the cost to maintain your ride is sky rocketing. The only thing not increasing is your pay check. Thats about to change.

Start getting paid just to drive your car to the regular places you travel to daily. Do you drive a car or SUV to work, school, church, the movies, shopping, etc? If YES, then start earning extra income today.


  • Sign Up to become a Car REP

  • Fill out Cash Driven Questionnaire

  • Get chosen for ad campaign in your area

  • Earn money and points

REPs have PULL

  • Earn money doing what your already doing, Driving.

  • Earn points and receive our Car Care products for free

  • Get a free Car Wash in your area

  • Win Major League sports tickets to see your favorite team play

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Cash Driven and other programs?
Cash Driven is a unique program that is geared towards helping you earn extra income depending on where and how far you drive.

How much does it cost to join?
Cash Driven is free to sign up and join. We do not charge our users a fee to register. If you are visiting other websites that have mobile advertising campaigns and ask you for money to sign up drivers beware.

How long does it take to be chosen as a driver?
Being chosen as a driver depends on a couple of factors. How many miles you drive your vehicle a day, week or month, where you reside, where you drive your vehicle to, and type of vehicle. This does not mean you have to drive hundreds of miles per week to be chosen. It all depends on the type of advertising campaign that is needed. Rest assure we will always contact you if you have any questions about your eligibility.

When chosen how long will it take to receive pay?
Once your Car REP campaign is complete you should receive prompt payment in 5-7 business days. We can also send quicker payment via Paypal® as well.

How many times can I be a Car REP driver?
There is no limitation on how many times you can be a Car REP driver. In fact we encourage all drivers chosen for campaigns to stay logged in and informed of upcoming campaigns in their area.

Can I tell my family and friends?
2 words, "Of course". It benefits you to tell your friends and family. Once you sign up your friends and family can use your referral code. The way our Cash Driven program is setup you are rewarded for inviting others to sign up. Rewards are in points, prizes and money.

Will the wrap damage my car?
This is one of the most important questions our new drivers have. All our auto wraps are done by professional installers who have been doing auto wraps for years. We use 3M® Scothprint vinyl, the industrys highest quality vinyl to install all our wraps. We take pride in ensuring that all our Car REP drivers cars are handled with care when installing or removing any of our wraps. After removal of your Car REP wrap your car is washed, waxed and thoroughly cleaned.