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Post: January 1st 2014

Your Car Care REPs

Post: August 02nd 2013
We Drift Deeper
Check out a COMP video starring the infamous drifter Ken Block with music by the highly underrated band Motorcycle. Enjoy!!

Your Car Care REPs

Post: May 30th 2013
Its Our Birthday

Its been 1 year since we have been out of Beta mode online. Boy how time flies. We want to thank all our members for your support and for REPresenting all across the globe. REP-YOUR-HOOD is proud to announce that we now have the largest selection of quality auto Headrest covers, Floor Mats, Hood covers and Mirror covers on the Internet. With over 300 headrest covers in stock we got you covered. We look forward to providing you with many more years of great products and service. We also have a lot more surprises to come. Stay tuned cause We Got Pull.

Your Car Care REPs

Post: April 8th 2013
1st Friday Car Giveaway Winner

Your Car Care REPs

Post: March 5th 2013

Your Car Care REPs

Post: January 1st 2013

Your Car Care REPs

Post: November 10th 2012

Hurricane vs. Machine

On October 30th the REP-YOUR-HOOD headquarters took a beating by Hurricane Sandy. The north east coast has never seen a hurricane of this magnitude in decades. High winds combined with high tide made for a disastrous situation. Trees were uprooted, homes were swept away, cars were destroyed even lives were lost. After the storm passed we northeasterners experienced another unexpected situation. Sandy had knocked out a good portion of New York and New Jerseys power. The gas stations that we rely on for fuel did not have power and the pipelines that supply the gas stations were inoperable, this created enormous lines of cars waiting at gas stations for fuel. Some of us even waited as long as 8 hrs for a 1/4 tank of gas. “Really”. This situation made me realize that we as a country are so dependent on petroleum fuel. What other alternatives are there??

Electric vehicles are one fuel alternative but if your power goes out (like ours did), how do you charge your car? There are a host of other fuel alternatives other than electric vehicles that need to be explored in the wake of hurricane Sandy. Lets talk about some today.

One of my favorites on the list of fuel alternatives is Hydrogen based fuel. Hydrogen can be produced from diverse domestic resources with the potential for near-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Once produced, hydrogen generates power without exhaust emissions in fuel cells. It holds promise for economic growth in both the stationary and transportation energy sectors. Hydrogen has the highest energy content by weight of any fuel, but its energy content by volume is low. This fuel property makes storing hydrogen a challenge because it requires high pressures, low temperatures, or chemical processes to be stored in small spaces. Overcoming this challenge is important for light-duty vehicles because they often have limited size and weight capacity for fuel storage.

Next on my list of alternative fuel is Natural Gas. Natural gas is an odorless, nontoxic, gaseous mixture of hydrocarbons—predominantly methane (CH4) that can be used to fuel vehicles. It accounts for about a quarter of the energy used in the United States. Two forms of natural gas are used in vehicles: CNG and LNG. Both are clean burning, domestically produced, relatively low priced, and widely available. Because of the gaseous nature of this fuel, it must be stored onboard a vehicle in either a compressed gaseous (CNG) or liquefied (LNG) state. Compared with vehicles fueled by conventional diesel and gasoline, natural gas vehicles can produce lower levels of some emissions, depending on vehicle type, drive cycle, and engine calibration.

My 3rd fuel alternative is Propane based fuel resource. Also known as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), propane is a clean burning, high-energy alternative fuel thats been used for decades to power light-, medium- and heavy-duty propane vehicles. Propane has a high octane rating and excellent properties for spark-ignited internal combustion engines. It is non-toxic and presents no threat to soil, surface water, or groundwater. Propane is stored onboard a vehicle in a tank pressurized to about 150 pounds per square inch—about twice the pressure of an inflated truck tire. Under this pressure, propane becomes a liquid with an energy density 270 times greater than the gaseous form. Propane has a higher octane rating than gasoline. However, it has a lower Btu rating than gasoline, so it takes more fuel to drive the same distance. Propanes clean burning characteristics allow the engine to have increased service life.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy which brought much destruction to the northeastern part of the nation it also prepared us for what will happen if we are too dependent on Petroleum based fuel. Examples are long lines at the pump, price gouging even pandemonium gas hording. Let this be a wake up call to all us drivers, we need to have several fuel options on the market available to us other than just electric vehicles. When you put a Hurricane against a Machine 9 out 10 times Hurricane is going to win. Thats it for this edition Riders. Hope you and your fAmily are doing their best to get your lives back together after this terrible hurricane. God Bless.

Your Car Care REPs

Post: September 17th 2012


Yes its Monday Riders and another start to a week is here. Today what do we have up for discussion in the Car Care REPs Shop?? Engine Mounts! The mountings that hold your engine in place are way down in the dark places of your engine bay. Engine mounts prevent your car from vibrating from the rotation of the drive-train. Most motor mounts only last 60,000 miles. The easiest way to determine if you have a bad or failing motor mount is to step on and off the accelerator at say about 30 mph in 2nd gear. You should not hear any clunking or feel any movement in the drive train. The other indicator of a failing motor mount is you will feel vibration in the seat of the car as you accelerate and decelerate the vehicle. Most cars have a right and left motor mount, (that look like images above) however if you own a front wheel drive car, you will have a right, left, and a front and rear engine mount. This Public Service Announcement has been brought to you by Your Car Care REPs.

Your Car Care REPs

Post: September 6th 2012


The week is almost done Riders and we are 1 day closer to the weekend. Today were talking about car door kits. Nowadays you dont have to own a Lamborghini to rock Lambo style doors. With the use of car door hinge kits you can change the look of your doors from the regular stock look to Suicide doors, Lambo style doors or even Gulf Wing doors. Note: Vertical Door Kits should be installed by professional installers. Most vertical car door kits come in two versions bolt on versions and universal versions which sometimes require welding. These days there is a vertical door kit version for most popular model cars. Car door kits dramatically augment the look of your vehicle and run for an average price of $500. Do your homework before choosing a type of kit and installer. Just think if everyone had Lambo style doors bicycle riders would never be in danger. Thats it for this week Riders, keep Rollin.

Your Car Care REPs

Post: August 21st 2012


Lets get it in today Riders. Today were going to be talking about Spoiler Kits for your ride. Lets first define what a spoiler is and what it does. Aftermarket spoilers are taken from Formula 1 Racing which uses spoiler kits on their rear and front race cars. Cars have spoilers to increase their grip on the road. Normally the weight of a car is the only thing that forces the tires down onto the pavement. Without spoilers, the only way to increase the grip would be to increase the weight. The way the spoiler works is like an airplane wing, but upside down. The spoiler actually generates whats called down force on the body of the car. Every time a spoiler generates downward force it also generates drag. Drag is bad, because it slows down the car. So, more down force is good... but too much down force = too much drag. So ultimately you want a spoiler that provides just enough downward force that will keep your car griped on the road in turns but not heavy enough to create too much drag. There it is Riders, now spoil yourself rotten.

Your Car Care REPs

Post: August 8th 2012

Ground Control

OK Riders lets talk aerodynamics for your ride. Because Ive come to the conclusion that a lot of folks dont know what this means or how to achieve it. Lets start off with a brief definition of aerodynamics. In a nutshell aerodynamics is how air-flows over and around your car. The better the air-flow around your vehicle the less drag and friction. Less drag and friction equals more speed. Now some of you may not know this but alot of Your Car Care REPs started out in the world of Aviation Technology. Yes Siiir we did. So we know a thing or two about aerodynamics. (Shout out to all the Shop teachers at AVIATION H.S. & the Professors at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University!!) OK where was I... Ground effect kits allow your ride to stay on the ground when your traveling at high speeds. Because the natural tendency for anything traveling in a straight line at high speeds is to get lifted into the air, which is ok if your in a Boeing 757 but no Bueno if your in your ride. Ground effect kits keep the air from getting underneath your vehicle and forcing it to turn over. Hope we learned something here today people. Pay close attention all week cause class is still in session.

Your Car Care REPs

Post: July 26th 2012

Eats Mustangs

Today on my way in I saw a Camaro IROC-Z like the one pictured above. It reminded me of my teenage years. The Camaro IROC was one of those cars that everyone wanted back in 1985. And if you had one you had every girl looking at you and every guy jealous (at the car, not the girl). If you dont know IROC stands for International Race of Champions. The car not only looked cool but also has a cool sounding name IROC! The IROC was Chevy Camaros 3rd generation of Camaros that has a 5.7 V8 engine. This car is still a beauty to look at and gives me fond teenage memories every time I see one. The name Camaro is a name that Chevy came up with for a play on Comradeship. In 1966 when Chevy unveiled its new Camaro for the first time to the press a reporter asked "Whats a Camaro?" the Chevy Product Manager said "Its a small vicious animal that eats Mustangs".

Your Car Care REPs

Post: July 9th 2012

Different Strokes

Today Riders were going to be talking about the 6 stroke engine. Most Riders are familiar with the 4 stroke engine but a lot of people might not know about the 6 stroke engine. The 6 stroke engine recaptures the heat lost in a four stroke engine and uses it to power an additional power and exhaust stroke (hence the name 6 stroke). There are 2 power strokes in a 6 stroke engine one with fuel and another with air. The 6 stroke engine will allow the engine to gain more compression, be more efficient and reduce emmisions. The three recognized designs of the six stroke engine are the Crower Six Stroke Engine (invented by Bruce Crower of the US) Bajulaz Six Stroke Engine (invented by the Bajulaz S.A. company of Switzerland) and the Velozeta Six Stroke Engine (invented by the College of Enginering in India). So there it is Riders you know what they say its different strokes for different folks.

Your Car Care REPs

Post: June 25th 2012

Cash Bath

Were going freestyle this week Riders, so watch out you never know whats on the table for discussion. Today were going to be talking about Gurcham Sahota. That name may not be familiar to you yet but get use to it. He currently owns the most expensive car wash in the world, Elite Detailing. The cost to wash, wax & detail your pride and joy will set you back £7,200 pounds. That roughly translates to $11,426.46 in U.S. dollars. His waxes are said to cost $13,000 per tub (whats in this stuff?) and he uses a police microscope to detect small scratches (I seen that episode of CSI). Gurcham Sahota has been in business for 5 years now and has super cleaned Lambos, Ferraris, McLarens even Aston Martins for famous football ah.. I mean soccer players and actors. It takes him sometimes upwards of 250 hrs to clean one vehicle. (Wonder if hes joyriding in some of them too?) He first started doing his ultra hi end luxury car cleaning service out of his parents garage. And at the ripe age of 30 hes on his way to becoming the car detailing ambassador to the rich and famous.

Your Car Care REPs

Post: June 19th 2012

International Customs

OK Riders like we told you Your Car Care REPs are World-wide when it comes to giving you the 411 on car culture. So today were talking about whats going down over in the Far East. Lets take a trip to Beijing, China. If you didnt know China is one of the most rapid growing countries in the world today in terms of auto purchases. In January of 2009 China surpassed the US in new car sales for the first time. This translates into a growing car culture. Though new to the game there are a lot of Chinese auto enthusiast that are customizing and modifying their auto investments. In the past trying to modify your car in China was difficult because of strict governmental regulations and restrictions. This has changed in the last 5 or 6 years and the car customization bug has become more viral than the bird flu. People are said to be modifying their rides stock engine for better performance, enhanced horsepower and overall better styling. A recent survey of drivers in Beijing have determined that 90% of car owners have decorated or modified their vehicle in some form. I really havent seen anything that has unique Chinese automotive roots all over it yet. But again this trend has just started to grow. If anyone has any pics or info on unique style of vehicles or growing trends of style that are indigenous to Chinese car culture please share. So there it is Riders your passport has been stamped and your cleared through customs.

Your Car Care REPs

Post: June 6th 2012

Wide Body

OK its hump day Riders. Whichever kind of hump your trying to get over Your Car Care REPs are here to give you your daily dosage of automotive fix to keep you rolling through the week. Today were going to be talking about the Germans and BMW. I want to review a BMW that some Riders may not know about the Alpina B7. Its a wide-body sports sedan with a mean looking grill and a serious powerplant. It comes in a 500 Horsepower 4.4 liter twin turbo charged V-8 engine plus its all wheel drive. The look of it is similar to the BMW 7 Series with subtle differences. The interior exudes luxury and the handling is precise as you would expect a BMW to be. I used to drive a BMW X5 and I can tell you that the Black Cat had excellent power and handling for a vehicle of its size. The one thing that I can criticize about BMW is the service. When I would take it to BMW for servicing (which i always did) I didnt feel I got the A-class treatment that I deserved. Hey if your gonna charge top dollar to service my vehicle I want top shelf treatment. I cant say I wouldnt purchase another BMW but Riders Im not breaking the bank anytime soon to get one. The Alpina B7 is definitely a great looking car with a lot of amenities. Just hope that the $123,000 sticker price doesnt shock you back into reality when you go window shopping. Keep it 100 Riders.

Your Car Care REPs

Post: May 23rd 2012

Air Joyride

Lets take it to the streets Riders and talk about Air Suspensions for your ride. The original purpose air suspensions were created was to make vehicles able to adjust to the type of terrain that its going over. For a smoother ride some vehicles are equipped with air suspension so that they can go over rough or rocky roads and feel a whole lot smoother. Most vehicles that employ this type of technology are hi-end vehicles such as Maybach, Range Rover, and Rolls-Royce. There are now hundreds of aftermarket companies that make air suspension kits that will allow you to get your 3 wheel motion on. These kits are heavily used in the Low-Rider scene in Cali. Air Suspensions will allow you to lower your vehicle centimeters from the ground. Hot Rods, Trucks and even motorcycles Riders have been installing air suspensions into their rides for a more custom lift. You can find air suspension kits from $280-$1900 online (do your research before purchasing). So there it is Riders, thats how you get lifted.

Your Car Care REPs

Post: May 11th 2012

Remote Control

OK Riders T.G.I.F. We got through another week and its time to enjoy the weekend. Right now smart phones are enjoying much success with its ever so popular products such as the iPhone and Android phones. One of the things I have learned as to why their products are so popular is because of the multitude of applications you can get for your iPhone or any smart phone for that matter. Take the Viper SmartStart for example, this application will allow you to remote start your vehicle, turn on the AC or turn on the heat. It will even unlock your doors in case you accidentally locked your keys in your ride. Now I hear some of you Riders "Remote start is nothing new". This is true, but the range on these Smart Phone applications such as the Viper SmartStart is far superior then a In-fared remote start. You can literally be hundred of miles away from your vehicle and still start or unlock your car. Why is this an important breakthrough?? Lets say your on a trip 5 states away from your neck of the hood and you accidentally locked your keys in your ride. With one of these Smart Phone Apps you could gain access by remotely opening your door. No need to call a locksmith, break a window or have someone from home mail you your spare. This is not the only Smart Phone app out, there are several. There are car apps that will check your vehicles fuel efficiency, horsepower, even an application that will allow you to drive your ride by remote control. No kidding, you can get your 007 on for real in the year 2012. So there it is Riders, now you know whose in control.

Your Car Care REPs

Post: April 30th 2012

Wax on Wax off

OK a lot of people ask us what is the best wax to use on their ride. Wax is like a pair of sunglasses they might look good on someone else but horrible on your face. So wax is more of a preference.  We can tell you that a Carnauba Wax is one of the best type of waxes to use on your ride and is superior to a lot of generic paste and liquid waxes. Carnauba Wax sometimes goes by the name Brazilian Wax and is made from Palm leaves (also has a great candy smell too). Carnauba Wax gives your car a deep shine with great water repellent properties. It also works well when removing spray paint from your cars exterior. So if your ex goes bonkers in a jealous rage and decides to spray paint your candy apple paint job Carnauba Wax is just the type of product you need to remove that spray paint but keep your paint job in tact. There are several manufactures that make Carnauba Wax - Mothers, Black Magic, Turtle Wax, Meguiars, etc. So test or see various results to find which manufacture you prefer.

Your Car Care REPs

Post: April 18th 2012


OK Riders the more I learn about Electric Vehicles the more excited I get for this rapid change thats happening right before us. A lot of people dont know that you can purchase a electric car conversion kit for your existing gasoline vehicle into an electric car. Thats right why go out and buy an EV when you have a perfectly good outer-frame and interior to work with. All you need to do is change your existing gas powered powerplant. Currently there is not an existing conversion kit for every car. Yeah that does suck, but in due time this will change. One of the good things to know is there are shops out there that will convert your vehicle from a gas guzzler to an EV. Paul Liddle has a conversion shop in West Palm Beach that converts Lambos and Porches into EVs. So there it is Riders you now got the 411 on EV conversion kits.

Your Car Care REPs

Post: April 2nd 2012

Sway Bars

Today lets talk Anti-Sway Bars and how they function. Here is a quick run-down. Sway Bars help control your vehicle so it doesnt tip or roll over when youre in a turn. Its usually constructed from a piece of U shaped steel. It does this through torsion and twist when your wheels move relative to each other. In essence sway bars increase your wheels spring stiffness as your car starts to lean. Helping maintain its center of gravity. Some Sway Bars can be adjusted for certain road conditions. Sway Bars should be strong in order to resist torsion between wheels. So there you have it Riders. Be sure you check your Sway Bars before you roll out.

Your Car Care REPs

Post: March 19th 2012


While your sleepin, this Prowler is creepin. This Plymouth Prowler now an added American classic ride, was spotted in my hood, NYC. You dont see too many Prowlers on the roll out at this time of day. This cat was looking sleek and sweet with its stock rims and deep grape colored paint job. In case you wanted to know Prowlers hold their value. I was able to find online prices on average of 30 Stacks for an 01 model. The Prowler is one of those classic cars that make Riders like me say I wouldnt mind being on the prowl in a Prowler.

Your Car Care REPs

Post: March 5th 2012

Old School

About 15 years ago I owned a 67 Chevy Impala. She had a custom baby blue paint job. One day I saw a long banana yellow colored smear along my fender. Had to be a Taxi side-windin. I went to a professional Old School Rider named Ronnie. Asked what should I do? He told me get 1 cup of dirt and 2 cups of water. I did. He took the dirt and combined it with the water until it was a muddy, stewy mess. He took off his bandanna and put it in the mud. I said, I know you not putting that on my Lady Sings the Baby Blues. Too late, he did. He started to smear it over the smudged paint. After 60 seconds of rubbing it onto the smudge the yellow paint came off and my baby blue paint job stayed on. Amazing!!! He told me his Pops taught him that years ago. So to all you youngins make sure you respect the Old School Riders, you can learn something. Now you know what was used before Clay Bars.

Your Car Care REPs

Post: February 19th 2012

Bright Ideas

Your Car Care REPs have officially opened up our Online Shop!! We’ve been on this winding cyber road a long time and now its time to celebrate this historic milestone. With this being Black History month we figured lets pay homage to some of the African American inventors and designers that have made history and a difference in the automotive world. So unbuckle your seat belt as we chop it up with you on the home front. Click here for more

Post: September 19th 2011


Your Car Care REPs have arrived and we brought a trailer load of goodies for all our fans. September 18-23rd was the 4th annual 2011 New York City MotorExpo. Of course Your Car Care REPs were front and center lane to cover all of the vehicles this year in Gotham Jungle. The MotorExpo currently takes place in New York, Los Angeles, London and the city of Toronto. This motor auto show has taken off at an exponential rate. Today we’ll discuss some of the history of the MotorExpo along with its purpose. So roll back the sunroof cause we’re about to cruise downtown. Click here for more

Post: August 20th 2011

Obama fuel Efficiency

Your Car Care REPs are here and we’re pulling up to your bumper. There is a lot happening in the auto industry right now and Your Car Care REPs are giving you the 411. Last month, President Obama announced new standards to double all cars mpg (miles per gallon) by the year 2025. This standard would have a huge impact on the US gas consumption and our dependency on foreign oil. Currently new 2011 vehicles get, on average, 27 mpg (highway miles). 13 major auto manufactures have all acquiesced to President Obama’s goals and expectations. Doubling the miles per gallon your vehicle gets could solve the problem of gas prices being almost double at the pump. But this new standard has been met with resistance and concern from some. Today we’ll talk about this historical announcement and what it would mean for drivers in the year 2025 and beyond. Pop open your fuel tank as Your Car Care REPs give you the high octane. Click here for more

Post: August 9th 2011

Home+Grown Brakes

By now you should be used to our installment of Home+Grown. If youre not let me get you up to speed. Home+Grown is where one of Your Car Care REPs will walk you through a do it yourself maintenance, upgrade or car care procedure for your ride. Today Your Car Care REP, Ralph Stanton, will discuss how to properly change your car’s brake pads. “Brake” it down for us Ralphie! Click here for more

Post: July 19th 2011

Home+Grown Interior

We our continuing with our installation of Home+Grown. For those of you that are not familiar with Home+Grown (get used to it!) it’s where one of Your Car Care REPs will walk you through a do it yourself maintenance, upgrade or car care procedure to your vehicle. Today Your Car Care REP Brian Nicholson will discuss how to properly protect your car’s interior. Take it away B. Nick! Click here for more

Post: July 8th 2011

Home+Grown Details

We have had some positive feedback with our new installation Home+Grown, so we are giving you more of what you want. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Home+Grown it’s where one of Your Car Care REPs will walk you through a do-it-yourself maintenance, upgrade, or car care procedure to your vehicle. Today, Your Car Care REP, fAcety wAyne, will discuss how to properly protect your car’s paint job and why going through an automatic drive through car wash is possibly the worst thing you can do to your car’s exterior. So get ready, its time for your Hood to shine. Click here for more

Post: June 23rd 2011

Home+Grown Dipstick

We’re starting a new series called Home+Grown. Where one of Your Car Care REPs will walk you through a do it yourself maintenance, upgrade or car care procedure to your vehicle. Today Your Car Care REP “Lenny” will discuss how changing your own car oil can put some change back in your pocket. So get ready to whip out your dipstick in the next episode of Home+Grown. Click here for more

Post: June 7th 2011

Size of Concept

Your Car Care REPs are right outside. Are you ready for your next ride with us? As they say good things come to those who wait. Here is part three of our NY International Auto Show roundup. If you missed our previous articles E-mission talks about the multitude of EV’s, hybrids and other alternative fuel rides. Click here to read the article E-mission . The Dub Auto Show also joined forces this year to pack the Javits Center to the gills with car culture enthusiasts. To find out what went down at the Dub Auto show in NY Click Dub Plate click here. Today were going to discuss some of the various concept cars that were present in this years show. So strap in Your Car Care REPs are ready to take you for the victory lap. Click here for more

Post: May 27th 2011

DUB Plate

What’s good under your hood? Your Car Care REPs continue with reporting from the 2011 New York International Auto show. This year the NY International auto show kicked it up a gear by adding the DUB auto show concert tour to its line up (smart move). The DUB auto show is organized by DUB Magazine. DUB magazine specializes in articles and stories about entertainers, star athletes, acting celebrities and their infatuation for cars. They also preview some of the latest trends in automotive accessories and car audio systems. Today we’re going to discuss what the DUB auto show had in store for us. Strap in, Your Car Care REPs are ready to burn rubber. Click here for more

Post: May 20th 2011


Your Car Care REPs are back on the scene and the ride is looking so fresh and so clean, clean. This time of year brings about two major things in New York City, warmer weather and the New York International Auto Show. This years 2011 auto show was much bigger than previous years. The Jacob Javits Center had to open up a 3rd level to accommodate all the vehicles and even make room for the Dub Auto Show that represented this year along with the usual suspects. In fact, this show was so huge with so much to report on, that I have to break this article into 3 installments. This 1st installment is what most of the audience and manufactures were buzzing about during this years NY International Auto Show, the Electric Vehicle / EV, and rightfully so. With gas prices continuing to rise, EV’s are quickly becoming a viable alternative. Today we’ll discuss what the NY International Auto Show had in store for spectators seeking gasoline alternative cars. Click here for more

Post: May 13th 2011

Talladega Shake & Bake

Your Car Care REPs are on track and ready to give you the shake & bake. April 16th was the 42nd annual Talladega Davis 499 race held at Talladega Superspeedway. This historic speedway is located in Talladega, Alabama and has unique origins. The winner of this year’s race is driver Jimmie Johnson and teammate Dale Earnhardt Jr. This was the second closest win in the history of NASCAR racing. Jimmie Johnson edged out Clint Bowyer by 0.002 of a second for the victory flag. Today we’ll discuss the history of The Dega Superspeedway and highlight some of this year’s exciting race. Click here for more

Post: April 12th 2011

It’s “Your” Birthday

Your Car Care REPs are back and it’s time to celebrate! That’s right it’s Your Car Care REPs birthday. It’s been one year since we’ve been blogging here with you on REP-YOUR-HOOD, and what a year it’s been. What would a celebration be without taking a drive down memory lane? So today we’re going to highlight some of “your” most memorable moments and discuss what the future has in store for REP-YOUR-HOOD. So gather around because today everyone gets a slice of cake as Your Car Care REPs continue to shake up the auto industry. Click here for more

Post: March 29th 2011

Smokin’ Hot Rods

We are in the parking lot! Your Car Care REPs have cleaned the injectors, cleared the air filters, and are ready to give your ponies the extra horsepower they need to get you ahead. I always keep things personal with my readers so today is no different. I want to share a story that dates back to my childhood. When I was 8 years old I was able to have my own room. No more sharing a room with my siblings, wow! When I moved into my new room it felt great, but also felt empty and hollow. The only thing in there was a bed, a dresser and four walls of fresh green paint. My sister had posters plastered all over her walls of movies and bands that she liked at the time. The movies TAPS, and Flashdance, and groups like New Edition, The Police and Duran Duran were all over her walls. That wasn’t my style though. What was I going to put on my walls? I’ve always loved cars since I was a young child. I only had one magazine at the time, Hot Rod Magazine. I must have read that single issue hundreds of time. That issue was filled with pictures of Hot Rods from all over the country. So one Saturday afternoon I decided to cut out all the pictures I loved and pasted them on my walls. It took me 12 hours but when I was done it felt like I created a masterpiece. Moving forward to 2011, I was thumbing through a recent issue of Hot Rod Magazine. It brought back all the memories from my first childhood love, Hot Rods. So today we’ll discuss the history of Rods and see why they’re still Smokin’ Hot! Click here for more

Post: March 16th 2011

Toyota’s Spinout

The word on the streets, Your Car Care REPs got the auto industry all revved up! We’re just doing our part to represent for you and to keep the streets watchin’. Your Car Care REPs has teamed up with so be sure to check them out. They’re a social networking site not only for automotive enthusiasts. Motorcycle, boat and aircraft enthusiasts are welcome here as well. So get your ignition started and become a member today. Click here for more

Post: March 8th 2011

Dirty Daytona 500

Your Car Care REPs are primed up and ready to take you full throttle. February 20th 2011 was considered the Super Bowl of Motorsports. The 53rd annual Daytona 500! I was fortunate enough to spend my university years living in Daytona Beach. I experienced the thrill of the Daytona 500 several times first hand. This year was a monumental and historical one. Trevor Bayne & the Wood Brothers racing team are the winners of the 2011 Daytona 500. Trevor Bayne is the youngest driver yet to win this prestigious (and richest) US auto race and this is the 1st win for the Wood Brothers racing team since 1976. At just 20 years young Trevor Bayne’s name is added to the list of other winners that dates back to the year 1959. I was watching this year’s race with my son. During the race he says to me “Dada, why is this so exciting? They’re just going around and around in circles.” A lot of people watching auto racing on television seem to say the same thing. So what makes the Daytona 500 such a huge race and attracts fans from all over the country? Today we’ll discuss the history of the Daytona 500 and see what fuels fans excitement. Click here for more

Post: February 2nd 2011

Original Owner

Your Car Care REPs are in heavy rotation right now and we’re continuing to “Turn it Up on Yawl!!” For those in need of automotive guidance, we got you. Taking care of your ride has many benefits to it, especially when it comes time to sell. Most brand new cars lose 15-20% of their value as soon as you drive it off the lot. So how do you make sure your car keeps its value and you get the most out of it? Today we’ll discuss what to do and how to receive the highest dollar value for the sale of your used vehicle. Roll into the shop with us as we check out what’s inside your hood. Click here for more

Post: January 18th 2011

Members Only

Pop your clutch cause Your Car Care REPs are back and ready to go redline. I always like to keep things personal between readers and myself so that people can see that if your passionate about what you do sooner or later the pain of paying dues will turn into the pleasure of recognition. A few months ago I was having some serious dental pain. I called my dentist and they said come right in. After an examination I was told I needed to have a wisdom tooth removed. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t happen until 2PM, which was 2 hours later. So what the hell was I to do for the next 2 hours? I started to roam the streets when I came upon a police blockade and a sea of young military student cadets. Then I remembered, “oh yeah, today is Veterans Day”. Click here for more

Post: January 12th 2011

Turn it Up

Welcome to 2011. Hope you enjoyed your holiday season. Some of you might be curious as to the title of this week’s blog. Well were not talking about turning up your Alpine system. The year 2010 was a tumultuous year for all – wealthy, frugal and everyone in between. Gas prices are back on the rise, toll prices on bridges and tunnels have gone up, parking meters have shortened the time a quarter used to get you and the cost to repair your vehicle is at an all time high. With everything rising it’s hard to see what’s coming around that blind spot curve. So this year Your Car Care REPs have got your back. We’re gonna Turn it Up for 2011!! Click here for more

Post: October 19th 2010

Get a Grip

Your Car Care REPs have just rolled into the shop and ready to chop it up with you. A car just wouldn’t be a car without 4 important components…wheels. Your tires and rims are vital parts of your vehicle and they greatly enhance the look and feel of your car as well. Most people overlook their ride’s tires and rims until disaster strikes. Today we’ll be talking about proper tire and rim care. So get a grip as your Car Care REPs get it in. Click here for more

Post: October 7th 2010

Lemon in need of Aid

I bought my first used car when I was young – 18 years old to be exact. Prior to buying my first used car, I knew more about autos than your average 18-year-old because of my vocational mechanical training. Yet I still managed to buy a lemon of a vehicle my first go round. I thought I did everything right in pursuing my first chariot, but fell short in many ways. It taught me valuable lessons about looking for a used car and making sure I never felt as if I bought someone elses problem. Today we’ll be talking about what to do when purchasing a used vehicle. Hopefully, all those in search of their next used ride can follow these tips and this checklist so that their story is sweet success, and not a sour lemon’s tale. Click here for more

Post: September 20th 2010

Drop Your Top like its HOT!

Your Car Care REPs have come off a long needed engine overhaul and we are ready to get back on track with our readers. Summer is quickly coming to a close. This has been a monumental summer, we must admit. We have had 90% sunny days with temperatures averaging 90 plus every week. When the weather is like this there’s nothing better than riding in a Drop Top convertible. To tribute the summer of 2010 we are going to talk about some of the iconic Drop Tops of our times. Get ready to drop it, cause its HOT!!! Click here for more

Post: August 10th 2010

Smart Talk

Your Car Care REPs have arrived and ready to give you some smart talk. I like to keep things personal between readers and myself so people can see that I’m not just your average over achiever that has a passion for automobiles. While thinking of topics to write for this installment of Your Car Care REPs (around 11:45 PM) my doorbell rang and I wasn’t expecting anyone. When I opened the door I was surprised to see my neighbor who looked upset and frantic. She was asking if she could use my telephone because she had locked herself out of her house and wanted to call a locksmith to open it. I asked if she had left a window open because I had a tall ladder that I could use to climb in and avoid her having to pay a locksmith $200 for 2 minutes worth of work. She said, “Yeah the kitchen window is open”. Low and behold I was able to climb in through her kitchen window and open her front door. Avoiding her the headache and pain of having to wait for a locksmith, getting a new lock, changing her set of keys, etc. This success story also gave me the next topic for this article, which is about Smart-Phone Applications for your Car. In this article we’ll discuss the various types of applications that will allow your car to graduate from Simple Simon to Smart-Phone University. Click here for more

Post: July 15th 2010

Whose in Charge?

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the smell of a Green summer is in the air. I’ve turned off the engine in my gas-powered vehicle today because I want to talk about some electrifying news. We here at Your Car Care REPs are automotive lovers to the fullest. We also know that the Industry is in a state of flux right now. One of the things that we have learned from the Automotive Industry is that when change comes you have two choices. You either except it and adapt, or deny it and go the way of the dinosaurs, extinct. Your Car Care REPs welcome change and are on the forefront of bringing informative automotive advancement news. This week marks a milestone for Electric Vehicles (EVs) in New York City. Mayor Bloomberg and other city officials opened the first EV charging station at a commercial parking lot in Manhattan. This is part of a nationwide push to boost the US infrastructure to handle charging of EVs. Last year the first charging station was opened in the US at East Woodland, California. In this article we will discuss some of the plans to get more charging stations to a place near you. Click here for more

Post: July 2nd 2010

The Independent Seen

I’ve just backed into my spot and I’m ready to talk Independence. This week being Independence week (or Freedom week as I like to call it), I figured lets talk about some of the unique type of rides that are seen from sea to shining sea. One of the things we love to do (but cant get enough of) at Your Car Care REPs is travel. Every time we cross state or country borders we are amazed at how each individual city or town has their own unique independent style in this thing we call Car Culture. For example, out in the west the Low-Rider scene is huge and no one does it better than the auto clubs over in Cali. While on the other side of town, the Whips in NY are flashy with a variety of modified vehicles that run the streets day and night. Down in the Dirty South the S.L.A.B.S are candy colored – every flavor you might find in a bag of Skittles. In Motor City you can find a mint ’56 Chevy Belair convertible looking like it was driven off the dealers lot yesterday. Let’s take a trip to each one of these locations separately. Click here for more

Post: June 17th 2010

Exotic Hi Definition

I’m revved up on high Octane, and ready to talk Exotic. I’ve heard people ask, “What makes an automobile an Exotic?” Some people think being Exotic means the cars’ names have to end with the letter “I” but have an E sound, such as Buggatti, Lamborghini or Ferrari. Not at all. Let’s see how the dictionary defines the word Exotic. There are two main definitions for the term exotic 1) Of foreign origin or character; not native; introduced from abroad and 2) Strikingly unusual or strange in effect or appearance. Now because your average person identifies with definition #1 in terms of car culture, American car companies are not normally considered to be exotic. This is not the case. Definition #2 holds true in car culture as well, when it comes to Exotic vehicles. US companies such as Shelby and Fisker Automotive fit into this Exotic category in a very unique way, (which I will explain) along with foreign Exotic auto makers such as, Lotus and Maserati to name a few. Click here for more

Post: June 3rd 2010


Welcome to the beginning of summer. I hit a few speed bumps on the way in. It might have slowed me down but it cant stop me from bringing you this week’s dosage of Your Car Care Reps. Let’s talk Tuning!!! For those of you unfamiliar with this growing trend, Tuning is a hobby (turning fast into an industry) where one modifies (or Mods) his or her, yes I said her (there are thousands of female tuners out there) vehicle to improve the performance, styling and handling. Tuning ones vehicle usually requires you to upgrade stock components to high performance aftermarket parts. With the multitude of aftermarket brands and parts available, the outcome you want to achieve is almost limitless. Because Tuning takes place under the hood as well as on your cars exterior, let’s talk about these two subjects separately. Click here for more

Post: May 19th 2010

Return of the American Muscle

Ahh… it’s nice to be back in the driver’s seat. I’ve been reading some of the responses to this blog and I appreciate all of the love you’ve been showing me. Today I’ve been feeling quite nostalgic and want to share a personal story with you. The first car I ever drove was a ’72 Chevy Nova SS 350 colored gold with black racing stripes on the hood and trunk. This was my father’s car. He loved this car with every fiber in his body. He made sure he did all the work on it himself and whatever he couldn’t do he took it to one mechanic, Randy. My Pops would have me wash that Chevy so that it was always shining “Super-Nova” bright. Back then there were guys roaring down the block in their Pontiac Firebirds, Chevy Camaros or Ford Mustangs. Anytime they would see my Pops they would honk their horn cause they all knew he was the only one in the neighborhood with a Gold Nova SS. When he started that engine it sounded like a lions roar. Click here for more

Post: May 4th 2010

Accessories that make your ride Tight

Start your engines and lets take a trip on the road to the right car accessories. Now you may be asking yourself, “Right car accessories??” Does this mean there are wrong accessories?? This sure does my fellow car culture representatives. The key thing to remember is that what may be the right accessories for you may be a totally wrong accessory for someone else. What this means is that your choice of accessories should reflect your personality and tastes. One particular accessory itself doesn’t define a car’s look it’s a collaboration of car accessories that make up the D.N.A of any vehicles style.Click here for more

Post: April 19th 2010

NY International Green Auto Show

Last week I attended the NY International Auto Show as I have for the past 10 or so years. This year’s show had a lot less luster and shine than previous years. The one thing that I did enjoy seeing was the multitude of “green machines”. In prior years, you only saw a glimpse of this technology but this year all major automakers were in full gear displaying their version of environmentally friendly car models. What was important for me to witness was the overwhelming amount of people who were paying close attention to these green vehicles this year. One car that got plenty of spectators, attentive listeners and many inquiries was the 2011 Chevy Volt. You could tell that this years Auto Show audience was seriously considering purchasing (in the near future) or at least learning more about an Electric Vehicle (or EV as I like to call it). Click here for more

Post: April 6th 2010

Car Care REPs introduction

I go by the name of fAcety wAyne and I am pleased to bring you informative automotive news, tips and updates. I’m making this blog comprehensive so even if you are a seasoned car enthusiast or just a weekend driver you’ll be able to get some useful information from it. Being that we have just embarked into the spring season, I figured what better way to start things off than getting your ride ready for spring. Click here for more