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Our Story

In 2001 I owned a Honda Prelude Si. It was custom painted Silver Surfer, tuned out and loved to go 100 MPH or faster. One day after doing some work under the hood I took her out for a spin. Apparently the hood latch did not close properly. Once I got up to highway speed the hood came flying up. The force of the air caused my hood to bend over and also crack my sunroof. Luckily I nor anyone else was injured. But my ride was in bad shape.

I went to the closest junkyard located near the New York Mets-Shea Stadium. I ran into a guy named Raul who said "I got a hood for your Honda". He came back with a bright shiny Yellow hood. When he was installing it he started to smile then laugh. He said "Thats incredible this car is Silver but I can tell that the original paint job was Yellow. So even though this is the wrong color hood for the car it really is the right color hood." We both had a good laugh.

I drove around for months with a bright Yellow hood and the rest of my Prelude body in Silver. A lot of riders and tuners thought I was starting a new trend.They would say "Like your hood style". One day I heard a guy say "I like how you REP-YOUR-HOOD". That's when the idea was born.

Everyone comes from somewhere, and we are proud of where we come from or where we are. When I travel to different parts of the country or world I am always intrigued by the various car styles, car scenes and car cultures that are out there. So I asked myself wont it be great if you had a auto accessory shop that you could get products that represent where your from? Yeah!!

REP-YOUR-HOOD is a car accessory online shop that specializes in Car Care Products, Car Floor Mats, Car Headrest Covers, Car Magnets & Skins and Cars for Sale. We will soon offer custom parts for you to tune and style your ride as well. It's time for your hood to Shine.

P.S. Now you see a lot of rides with their hood a different color than their body. A trend we started literally by accident. It was meant to be born.