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Your Car Care REPs have arrived and we brought a trailer load of goodies for all our fans. September 18-23rd was the 4th annual 2011 New York City MotorExpo. Of course Your Car Care REPs were front and center lane to cover all of the vehicles this year in Gotham Jungle. The MotorExpo currently takes place in New York, Los Angeles, London and the city of Toronto. This motor auto show has taken off at an exponential rate. Today we’ll discuss some of the history of the MotorExpo along with its purpose. So roll back the sunroof cause we’re about to cruise downtown.

The MotorExpo dates back to the year 1996, and were started by the Aspect Partnership. One of the MotorExpo’s goals are not only display cars (like most auto shows) but to do it in an atmosphere where people can relax in a more comforting sublime backdrop indoor as well as outdoor. To achieve these goals the MotorExpo has partnered up with Brookfield Properties, who owns global office properties that are environmentally friendly and technically savvy. Part of the MotorExpo’s mission is be a global auto show that offers free entrance to visitors looking to check out the latest and finest in auto manufacturing. Free99!! Thanks MotorExpo, we like that! The first MotorExpo was produced in London located at the Canary Wharf in 1996. It has been growing over the past 15 years and expects to see over 1million viewers by the end of this year’s MotorExpo tour. One of my favorite cities, Toronto, has been added to the list of prestigious metropolitans that this auto show takes place. 2011 is the first year that the MotorExpo was produced on Canadian soil. This was the 4th annual MotorExpo in New York’s Gotham Jungle. Lets find out what took place.

Upon entering the World Financial Center I was greeted by a landscape of open space to the right the Hudson River waters to the left a skyline that was filled with skyscrapers and a partially built Freedom Tower. As I walked through the main entrance I could see several MINI coopers parked along side a buildings facade. Looked like they were crops waiting to be harvested. I was already enticed by my surroundings, the calmness in the air made me wonder, was I really at an auto event? The first ride I came upon was the Jaguar XK. This for sure is becoming a sports car fans favorite. There were 2 colors on deck a black with red trim and an opposing red Jag with black trim. The Jaguar XK is powered by a 5.0 liter V8 injected engine with 385 horsepower. It goes from 0-60 in 5.2 seconds and has a fuel consumption of 24 mpg (Highway). If that’s not enough horsepower then get your ponies up with the XKR-S. The XKR-S is a 5.0 Supercharged V8 (Supercharged…oh that’s what the “S” stands for) engine with 550 horsepower and accelerates from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds. The top speed on this lioness is 186 mph according to Jaguar reps (200 mph written on the dash). I get goose bumps when I see this car, such a fine looking piece of machinery especially the rear lines they are like no other. The interior is just as tantalizing with its smooth leather seats and its wood grain console trim. I loved the red threading on the seats and across the dash. These small details confirmed its membership into the sports car fraternity.

I reluctantly got out of the Jaguar XK feeling like I had just been through a bad breakup and another guy was about to hop into the drivers seat. Which, some guy did…but before getting in he told me “I just test drove one of the new MINIs”. Ummm…Sounds “MINI-vanillilicious” (try saying that 3X). As I signed the waiver (for insurance on my life purposes) the rep asked me, “Which MINI would you prefer to test drive the 4 door MINI Clubman or the 2 door MINI Hardtop?” I went with the 2 door Hardtop. Now I’ve never driven a MINI before so I was eager to test it out. I heard that they’re fun to drive, lets find out how it rated on the funometer. My MINI ride along rep “Miska” was informative and knowledgeable. He hit me with a barrage of quick facts regarding the particular model I was driving. Top speed is 126 mph, it goes 0-60 mph in 8.4 sec and gets a whopping 37-mpg (Highway). I put the sunroof back as we drove up the west side highway. I can testify that the MINI is truly a heart accelerating, nimble, peppy fun ride to drive. I weaved in and out of traffic with ease. Because of its lower center of gravity it responds to steering wheel movement quickly. The MINI also had no problems making a full tight U turn, where other vehicles would have had to make a K turn. I did cut off a few Yellow Cabs that were shopping for customers (my single reckless moment). Sorry… Cash Cab guy Ben Bailey. The MINI handled well though I must say. One of the things my MINI rep told me is the multitude of personalization that you can do to the cars exterior as well as interior. There is a whole book dedicated to personalizing your own MINI to fit your individual personality. With base pricing starting at $20,000 it’s an affordable new car purchase. When we arrived back to the MotorExpo the rep at the sign-in table asked how was my drive, my response “MINI-licious”.

Some of the other auto makers that were present at the New York MotorExpo were Aston Martin, Lotus, BMW, Mercedes, GM, Ford, Range Rover and Hyundai to name a few. Because the New York MotorExpo is located in the city’s Financial District and it’s totally free makes it easy for the intended target demographic to take a gander at these rides. I could see that the audiences in attendance were primarily financial/corporate workers. The creators of MotorExpo theory is affluent corporate workers don’t always have the time to visit a car dealership or showroom. So lets bring these cars straight to the market. It seems to be working, because unlike the New York International Auto Show (which attracts a very diverse audience) the MotorExpo’s audience was a consistent Young Urban Professional type (a.k.a Yuppie). I enjoyed the experience and got a chance to expand my network with the multitude of Reps that were present at the 2011 MotorExpo. If you live in or near one of the 4 cities (New York, Los Angeles, London & Toronto) that the MotorExpo takes place, be sure to plan a trip for the next MotorExpo in 2012. It looks like the rain is about to come down on us but don’t worry Your Car Care REPs have got the Rain-X. It’s slippery when wet so drive safe out there.

Your Car Care REPs

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