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Home+Grown Details

We have had some positive feedback with our new installation Home+Grown, so we are giving you more of what you want. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Home+Grown itís where one of Your Car Care REPs will walk you through a do-it-yourself maintenance, upgrade, or car care procedure to your vehicle. Today, Your Car Care REP, fAcety wAyne, will discuss how to properly protect your carís paint job and why going through an automatic drive through car wash is possibly the worst thing you can do to your carís exterior. So get ready, its time for your Hood to shine.

Most people donít think about their carís paint job until they get an unsightly scratch on it or their paint starts to fade in certain areas. Protecting the look of your carís paint job or a newly painted ride is a job that needs to be constantly maintained. Unfortunately, because most people are busy, they have little time to hand wash their own vehicle and end up going through an automatic car washer. Auto manufactures have conceded that these automatic car washers are bad news for a good paint job. So this leaves us with a problem. Very little time to wash your car yourself vs. an automatic car wash (which is like putting your car through a liquefied sand paper machine), what do you do? Today I will show you how you can help protect your paint job if you allocate at least 1 day a month to do an entire detailed cleaning of your ride. Letís Go In!

Tools Needed
Foam Applicator
Car Wash Mitt
Chamois Towels
Car Squeegee
Car Wash Soap
Clay Bar
Carnauba Car Wax
Microfiber Cloth
Detail Spray
5 Gallon Bucket
Low pressure Hose
Tire/Rim Brush
Tire Dressing

Always use car wash soap to wash your car. Please, donít use laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent or any other cleaning agent that is not made specifically for a car. The reason is that your car is made up of different materials then letís says, your clothes. Although laundry detergent may be powerful enough to get that grass stain out of your football jersey, it may be ruining the clearcoat on your beautiful Sunkist Orange colored paint job. When your car is dirty there are tiny particles that sit on its surface. These particles are from dust, road grime, even bug and bird sap to name a few. The last thing you want to do is rub these particles all over the surface of your car. Itís like rubbing sand paper over your babyís booty. Ouuch! This is one of the reasons why automatic car washes are not very good at maintaining your carís paint job. When washing your car, wash in a cool shaded area. For those winter months use warmer water.

1) Using a low pressure hose apply warm water from the top of your carís roof working your way downward. This allows all dirt that is on the top of your car to travel down.

2) Attach your foam applicator to your hose and include the Car Wash of your choice. There are several great brands of Car Wash on the market; D-Spec, Nu Finish, and Armor All to name a few. Again start from the top of your ride working your way downward.

3) Using your Wash-Mitt start washing your ride. The bottom of your car will accumulate the most grime and dirt be careful not to drag debris to other areas scratching your paint in the process. Rinse your Wash-Mitt repeatedly in your bucket to remove dirt.

4) Use your Tire & Rim Brush to clean those dirty rims and tires. The Tire & Rim Brush is great for removing road dirt, salt and brake dust.

5) Once finished rinse the entire car off again from top to bottom.

6) Use your Squeegee to remove excessive water quickly.

7) Use your Chamois Towels to dry off car completely. To avoid water spotting take no longer than 8-10 minutes to dry off entire vehicle.

8) Now that your baby is clean and squeaky dry, break out your Clay Bar. The Clay Bar will help to remove imbedded dirt and leftover wax residue. Use Clay Bar kit as directed.

9) Youíre ready to wax. I choose a Carnauba wax (which is a type of wax, not a brand of car wax) for this edition of Home+Grown. It not only gives a deep glossy shine but it will remove other imperfections from your paint job such as spray paint or smudged paint. So if someone rubbed up against your fender and now you have a bright yellow streak alongside your Tuxedo Black X5 you can use the Carnauba wax to remove it without removing your rides illustrious paint. There are several brands of Carnauba waxes Mothers, Meguiars, even Turtle Wax carries Carnauba type car wax.

10) After applying wax use your Microfiber cloth to buff and reveal that deep shine.

11) Now weíre ready for the tire shine. Choose the type of Tire Dressing that you like, there are several out there. I like to use Black Magicís Tire Wet. It gives you a deep wet looking shine with a non-greasy feel. Easy and quick to use. (Never use aerosol spray cans, Itís horrible for the environment)

12) The last item on our list that we didnít use yet, is the Detail Spray. This is used in between washes. When your ride is looking a little dingy (notice I said dingy and not dirty) use your Detail Spray to maintain cars shine and that just waxed look.

13) Hereís how to use: Rinse off your car from top to bottom. Because you waxed your car recently the dirt and debris should fly right off. Use your Squeegee to get off excessive water then use Chamois to dry. Spray your Detail Wax over your cars surface in sections. We use Wax Daddyís ďFormula 113Ē Bead-X Detail Spray. Itís water repellent and it maintains the cars just wax look. After applying buff with your Microfiber cloth and it will reveal your high gloss shine once again. The Detail Spray process can be done in 20 minutes once a week, saving you time and money.

Do this car wash process once a month and your ride will shine brighter than Rudolphís nose. This is Your Car Care REP ďfAcety wAyneĒ with this edition of Home+Grown.

Your Car Care REPs
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